Hi English speaking guys,

thanks for visiting this website! Almost everything in this site is in German language, because the main part is a weblog and it’s barely possible to write it in two languages.

However here is some information about us.

You are on the private site from Christiane, Markus, Nele, Noemi and Enok Paulsteiner. We have been sent by the Centre for Partnership, Development and Mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria to work in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea. Markus is working there as a pastor and missionary, supporting Lutheran villages in the Biliau region.
The aim of this website is to let people take part in our life there and give more information about our situation and everyday living. For those who are interested in a worldwide Christian partnership and the Christian living in PNG it’s one point of view.

Here are links to some pages, which could be interesting for English speaking people:

Maybe some day I will have enough time to enlarge the English parts of this website…

We wish you the very best and God’s blessing!